Well, I am resurrecting “I wish I were buffy” for the millionth time.  I think this site is me, and who I truly am.  It’s been me from the beginning….

So, I still knit, I still restore my old house, and I’m still doing all the things I loved.

But, I’m working on my best WIP yet.  Myself.

Around Christmas, I was my largest size.  A size 16 pant.  So, I started calorie counting and some exercise.  I mean, like modest amount of exercise.  Walking.  Slow.  And it’s now March and I’m down to a size 14.

Then, I decided after talking to a friend to try the Advocare 24 day challenge.  I’m on Day 2.  So I will probably be updating you each day.  Letting you know how it is going!!  I’m on Day 3 of NO COKE ZERO!  And if I can do that, I’m sure I can do anything….

Missed you ol’ blog.