After moving blogs a few times, changing my name to my business name “Loverbunny Designs”, I just haven’t felt it.

I feel like when I blog under “Loverbunny Designs”, I have to provide you with knitting or dyeing or business information only.

That’s not me.  Not all of me.  I sometimes want to talk parenting, and I sometimes want to talk about selling crap on Ebay, and sometimes I just want to talk about how I wish I were buffy.

In the last few months, I’ve been touching back to my roots.  I picked up a hobby I haven’t done for years.  I have been rewatching Buffy!  I’ve just been trying to figure out where I left myself.

Apparently, this isn’t something that I only I have experienced.  I have kept a friend I made in Kindergarten, and at age 36, we are still friends.  We have been through it all – babies, a year or two of not speaking at all, husbands, breast cancer scares, and you name it.  She brought it up while watching our kids play at the park — she had lost herself after having kids.  I also had became acutely aware of this myself – the losing of myself after having a child.  So to hear it VERBALIZED by such a close friend – it made me very aware of it’s TRUTH.

Ok, so I’m rambling.  It’s hard to explain what makes me – me.  But it had been gone.  And I’m getting it back.  One way to do so is to TAKE BACK “I wish I were Buffy”.  Because that’s still me to the core…..