Sometime since we last spoke about knitting or yarn goodness, I acquired this *thing*.

My husband’s best friend was at some estate sale and asked what it was, and he was told it was used to wind yarn, so he bought it for me.  I had no idea what it was, so I took  it to my knitting group.  I was told it was a loom.  Hmm, what kind of loom?  So using Ravelry, I found out it was an inkle loom.

I am really wanting to use it, but have no idea how to begin.  I keep thinking that I’ll have a day where I can go to the Woolery in a nearby city and have them show me what additional supplies I need and the basics, maybe even a DVD.  I just can’t seem to find the free day to go!

Other things I’ve been working on….

I finished my Damson shawl but it desperately needs blocked.  My problem with blocking is that I don’t have a blocking area.  I only have one room with carpeting and the cats would lie on it if I block it with towels on the carpet.  Any suggestions?

I started the Aestlight Shawl.  In Madelinetosh sock.  MMMM… let’s talk about this yarn.  It’s in a “copper penny” colorway, and it is BEAUTIFUL.  It does shine like a bright new penny.  And the yarn is buttery and wonderful.  I love this yarn.  I just happened to get it while on maternity leave in a Loopy Ewe update, and I am so happy with that purchase.