I am pregnant.  I’m about 14 weeks along.  This is why I was on bed rest for a while, I’ve been having some difficulties, but it seems those are better now….  I was really afraid to tell anyone and get too hopeful.  But, I’m ready to tell you now!!!  We are so excited – so many big changes!!

And that brings me to a finished object.  We haven’t gotten to know what gender yet, but since I made a purple ribbon hat, you know it’s going to be a boy!  My best friend is pregnant too, so surely between us both, one of us will have a girl who can wear this hat!!

Ribbon hat

It’s the Ribbon hat from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Hat book.  There isn’t a hat in this book I dislike.  This picture doesn’t do this hat justice – it’s absolutely adorable.  My favorite baby item I’ve knitted yet.  I used some sort of Rowan yarn… I can’t remember the name (baby brain already!)…