I know. I totally disappeared. But I had nothing interesting to say or show you.

I still don’t really.

I was in two weddings in December, worked on Christmas day, stayed on the road, and frankly I was too tired to find anything interesting… Oh, I was also sick enough to need IV fluids and miss a week of work.

I did get a Woolee Winder for Christmas from my husband. At first, I was flustered. I couldn’t get the whorl from my Ladybug to attach. It wouldn’t slide on at all – wouldn’t even budge! After some reading, it seems the Ladybug whorls have problems sometimes with sliding on to the original flyer… they are manufactured for a tight fit. Sometimes, too tight. While I had no problems getting it on the original flyer, I could not get it on my WW at all. I contacted the maker, Nathan, and he suggested filing it down with a fingernail file lightly on the square edges. It worked like a charm! Now, I’m spinning high.

And, let me tell you…. I am spinning some alpaca I bought at a fiber festival from Blue Note Alpacas and it’s heaven. Soft, spins beautifully. I am in love. And it’s gorgeous.

ww 001