The electricians have been here. It’s been chaos, random rooms having electricity then the next day not.. And poor Loverbunny has been manic. He had to go on kitty pills for anxiety.


I’m slowly knitting on my Apres Surf Hoodie.


And I have to get on my soapbox a little. I’m frustrated about not being able to get certain yarns. I am working every single day, and I don’t have time to check and check for updates (at work they don’t let the nurses have access to the internet at all).  I keep missing out on Wollemeise and Sundara. The Wollemeise sold out on Loopy Ewe in 3 minutes! I guess I should just get over it, but I just had to vent my frustrations. I think I want it more now that I can’t get it….

I don’t need to be buying it anyway, because I plan on buying myself a spinning wheel soon. I am thinking about getting a Ladybug. I am a little worried I won’t like it and be out lots of money, but I want a nice wheel to learn with. Originally, I was going to try and buy a cheap, used one, but the more I think about it, the more I think I’ll be better off with a new wheel.