I’m not blogging as frequently now… this was supposed to be mostly a knitting blog, and the knitting isn’t happening lately! I want to knit, I’m just busy with the house. I am thinking of making a new blog for the home restoration… I’m not sure.

Anyway, we opened up the back stairs… it had been enclosed by walls, and you entered another door to get to the outside door and stairs. It’s gone now!  (I couldn’t find a before picture so you could see what a dramatic change this is.)

Back Hall

The electricians have been here a week, and they are working upstairs. There is no power to the upstairs right now.

I wanted to wind some yarn to start some socks since it’s so hot, but I couldn’t get to my ball winder. It was upstairs in a pile of stuff that we moved for the electricians. *sigh* I have been working on my hoodie, but it’s a slow go.

Another distraction is that I got Dance Dance Revolution for my Wii. I love it! I never knew I liked to dance so much.