I really am knitting, though it feels as if I never have enough time to knit!

The first thing is my started Apres Surf Hoodie. It kind of threw me for a loop because I never pre-think anything I knit (in fact, I never pre-think much of anything), and I didn’t consider that when I decrease on my waist, I am decreasing every 8 rows, but it’s a ten row lace repeat, and well it made for messiness. I started out trying to do it all tidy and mathematically but decided that was too much trouble, so I am just working it out on the fly now – as long as every yarn over has a decrease to make the stitches even, I go with it. I am hoping my seams will hide my multitude of sins.

I am using the Vivid colorway which doesn’t get much justice in this picture. It takes on different colors on how the light hits it. Sometimes it seems very purple, and others very blue.

Apres Surf Hoodie

And I haven’t neglected the Swallowtail. She’s just slow, but I still love it.

Swallowtail Shawl

I am just drawn to lace lately and I think I need to add in a plain stocking stitch project because I find it impossible to knit lace and watch TV at the same time. (Unless it’s a very simple lace…..)

I have been busy watching “Knitting Workshop” with Elizabeth Zimmerman on DVD. It’s one of my smartest purchases yet. It starts at the beginning with winding a ball of yarn, and works up to master classes like lace and aran sweaters. Even on the techniques I know, I’ve enjoyed watching her spirit.