I feel like I’ve been on call every day for the last month. In reality, I haven’t, but I’m feeling very tired these days. Get this: I went to work yesterday at 9:30am. I left at 5:30, and was called back in as soon as I got home and ate. Went back in for three hours, came home and went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I got called back in. I was able to finally snuggle in at home at 4:00am.
So you will understand when I say, I’ve been too tired to knit.

So, where am I on the knitting? Nowhere, pretty much. I haven’t made any progress with the Swallowtail, but I still love it. I just don’t have the mental capacity to knit it after working 12 hours or more a day.

I got my yarn in finally for my Apres Surf Hoodie. Hooray! I hope to swatch tonight.

I bought some yarn on Ravelry for a good deal, and I now have Malabrigo Lace yarn in my stash.

And Michelle sent me the most awesome goodies from her contest that I won!!! (Best thing that happened to me all month, I must say.) They were wrapped individually and it was like opening lots of presents. I really should have taken a picture, but I was so excited I just started opening and playing with all my stuff instantly.

On the house front, stuff is finally happening. We signed a contract with the roofer last week, and he should be starting in a week or two. Electricians should be here in two weeks. The heating and air guy has been here and planning, and will start in a few weeks.

Family members are pitching in with stripping the ceiling and walls.


june 004

We ordered an oven, but I’m kind of ticked because they ordered the wrong one, so I’m still stuck without one.

There is a man on his way over to pull out these gas heaters that they stuck in front of every fireplace.

And I bought a rocking chair for $15 at a yard sale!


I think I need a vacation from my hectic life. Sam has the good life – ah, to be a loved cat.