If you read my blog, you may remember when I started the Swallowtail shawl that I ripped out. I started it out of Alpaca Cloud from Knit Picks. At first, I decided that I was going to cast lace out of my life forever. It was my enemy. Then, I got realistic… I know how to knit lace. I knit lace socks, I add lace panels to baby clothes… it wasn’t the lace. It was just the yarn. Then, I decided I’d only do lace in fingering weight or thicker. No more lace weight for me. Then, I got realistic again, maybe it was just the lace weight I was using….

So, I started again with Knit Picks Shadow, which I had in my stash. I am loving it!! I think a lace monster may have been born.

Swallowtail Shawl

I also just placed an order with Jimmy Beans Wool. I ordered yarn for the Apres Surf Hoodie!! I also ordered the Make It Modern pattern book from Classic Elite because they had it available, and I’m worried it’ll sell out. I really love those patterns – I want to knit practically every one of those patterns.

Kitty update: We found the kittens mother, and sibling. It belongs to a neighbor a few doors down. At first the mother didn’t want to let it nurse, but it seems like she has taken it back in now. We don’t know how the kitten ended all the way down in our driveway?

And for a good laugh, here’s a pattern for a kitty argyle sweater vest.