Animals that are lost or sick always seem to know where to find us. They know we can not ignore them, and we’ll take them in.

This was in our driveway. Sick, and hungry. He is sneezing and has pus in it’s eyes and nose.

Sick kitten

It didn’t know how to eat so I went and got formula and a bottle and fed it a little. I gave it some Clindamycin drops we have for felines.

This is him after we cleaned his eyes out and his face off. My husband will take him to the vet on Tuesday.

Kitten after face washed.

We really don’t want another cat, though. So does anybody want a kitten? 🙂

In other news, I went and spent tons of money today. I bought an oven, finally. (No, we haven’t had an oven since we moved in.) I’m very excited because I used to LOVE to bake. I can’t wait to bake again.

We also bought a new mattress for the second guest bedroom.


In knitting related stuff, I screwed up my Hemlock Ring big time. We are taking a break. Not breaking up, but definitely a time out.

I also knit about 7 rows of the Twisted Tulips sock, and while it’s a beautiful sock, I hate it. I ripped it out, took it out of my queue. I think it’s just way too complicated to satisfy my sock craving. I like my socks to be intuitive and flow easily. It’s my relaxation knitting.