I got on the old desktop while our laptop was out of commission, and found a bunch of old pictures. I uploaded a ton of my late kitty, Amos to my Flickr.

I also found a picture of a gift I made for a family member. It was a little sachet thing of Noah’s Ark done in needlepoint. (I used to be a huge needlepoint fan. But, knitting took over, and I think knitting is CHEAPER (and more practical).)


I had a really yucky day yesterday, and so when I got home I did a little retail therapy.  I bought some Cascade Ecological Wool from WEBS Anniversary Sale.  Whee!  Hopefully, I will do the Hemlock Ring Blanket.

Well, today is my allergy test day.  It’s finally here, and a good thing too, because I spent most of the day with my arms broke out in hives yesterday.