I am back to scraping wallpaper. It has two layers of wallpaper, then you get to a layer of blue paint, which has an additional two layers of wallpaper underneath it.

I have a technique down that seems to work.  Basically, I spray it down with this DIF wallpaper stripper gel.  I strip off the top two layers, score the paint so I can penetrate through it, spray it with the DIF again, then strip off the rest with the help of the steamer as well. It goes slow. Luckily, most of the plaster is in decent shape. There is one spot in the wall that is bad, but other than that it seems smooth. This is the room I’d like to eventually make into a nursery. (And no, I’m not pregnant. But, by the time I want to be, I better have a room in good condition.) The wet spots are just from my steamer… it had not dried yet.

Scraping wallpaper

Also, I decided that the textured ceiling in this room is intact, and therefore not worth my current time and effort. I hate the textured ceiling, but it’s not falling apart like other things… and unfortunately I need to prioritize. So, I am going to eventually just repaint the ceiling.

My husband cut down all the shrubs in the front. They were not taken care of for years, overgrown, and causing some problems to our foundation and porch. We don’t plan on doing any landscaping for a while because we need to fix some stuff first.
No Shrubs

Max says “These people don’t have a clue what they are doing.” (Max is the kitty who came with the house.)
Max, aka Pirate Max

Oh, and knitting. I haven’t tossed it completely aside. There are husband’s socks. I’m on the second one, almost to the heel. And I bought the new Yarn Harlot book, and I have a ticket to see her next Saturday at the bookstore!!