Well, spring is officially here.  (Even if it is still freezing.)  It’s time to get back to work on our house.  So, unfortunately less knitting time, but it must be done….

We hired a man to work on the roof of our porch on Saturday.  If he does a good job, we will definitely get him to fix the roof/flashing on the addition as well.
I have a list of things that keeps growing that I need to get done.

  • must finish stripping wallpaper in rear bedroom
  • strip paint off fireplace tile in front master bedroom (yes, someone painted dark blue over gorgeous tiles)
  • figure out how much work it is to scrape off a textured ceiling
  • take a billion things to the recycle center from the basement
  • paint the new side door
  • plant flowers outside

This is just a list of things to accomplish before we hire electricians.  After we fix our electrical problems, my list grows exponentially. (Going back to the porch for a minute, I plan on having the electricians put in ceiling fans in our wrap around porch.  I have this dream of sitting on my southern wrap around porch, with the fans going, sipping my sweet tea and knitting.)

I have an appointment with an allergy specialist on Tuesday.  After that, I am going to try and score the Yarn Harlot’s new book at the bookstore for comfort.   Yay.