I’ve only got two rows left of this Tangled Yoke chart. While knitting this, I just kept being so surprised and so happy with the loops and turns.

Tangled Yoke Chart

I’m far enough along now that I am fussing over how to do my button band (I had to add rows…) and how I am going to block this. I think I may soak it in cold water for a while before blocking. (I’m not very good at blocking.)

I have been doing all this despite a knitting injury. I have a callous on my middle left finger. I tried to cushion it with a band aid, but it doesn’t really help.

Knitting classes have never interested me because I usually like to teach myself most things. I’ve always been this way in every subject. However, I signed up for a knitting class at long last. I took a vacation day in March for it. It’s called “Adapting Patterns”. I am supposed to bring a pattern I want to alter in some way and some graph paper. I have no idea what pattern to pick!!! I’ve thought about The Pewter Coat by Shirley Paden from IK Winter 2006, since it only comes in two sizes. But, I have my reservations since it is a huge knitting investment with both time and yarn/money. Any suggestions on other patterns I might be interested in changing up and knitting?

Speaking of Interweave Knits, I did get the Spring 2008 issue. There is nothing in it, I must admit, that I am burning up to knit. I think it’s a good issue, but not one for me. I like the Drawstring Chemise, but it seems to me you need a pretty flat or small chest to wear it successfully. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong by some Ravelry folks, but for now, I’m thinking it’s a *don’t* for me.

One last thing, David Reidy mentioned on his podcast Y Knit.  Y Knit is a new podcast by two guys about knitting.  Their first episode had Debbie Stoller on, and it was a great episode.  I think it will be a new favorite for me!