Between the tornado, the recent ice storm, and other un-fun events, I have been down in the dumps. Not knitting dumps, just dumps in general.

I have been knitting and buying yarn. To keep my spirits up, of course. I bought 2 skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton. Any guesses on what I started? (Hint: pink and black) The Tangled Yoke does continue on, of course, but I have limited myself to 1-2 rows a work night. I get tired and mess up, so if I feel tired, I don’t knit on it.

I did take some pictures of Tangled Yoke in progress tonight, but they were so dark, you couldn’t make anything out. I will attempt to take some other pictures I can share in the near future.

Molly says “Geez, you are boring!” (Sorry, Molly, your owner has to work to buy you premium cat food since you are so picky.)