I woke up at 1 AM or so to the tornado sirens. We turned on the TV to see the news, and immediately went downstairs to shelter.

The elementary school roof was blown off, two restaurants are totally damaged, our fairgrounds building is destroyed, several homes are either gone or have no roof. An apartment for the elderly has no back wall.
We were very lucky, we only lost a shutter than we know of. I had trouble getting to work today. My normal road was blocked. Apparently, there was a power line down in an almost flooded road.

I think I may go out and take some photos later. I will post them if I do. It’s just so unbelievable. And we are supposed to have these winds again tonight.

Edited to add pictures…. (There are more on my Flickr page)

The Academy Storm Damage

My heart is with the many who lost their lives in several states.