So, I started on the tangled yoke chart, and while it’s a chart I can handle… it’s not a chart I can handle when I’m watching Lost. I know better than to knit complicated things while watching TV. But, I somehow always do it anyway.

So, I took a deep breath this morning, and put in a lifeline… (and put on an episode of Stash and Burn that helped give me courage to rip)

Lifeline for Tangled Yoke

Have I mentioned Sam has started to really love this sweater? He wants to sit on it and tread it.

Sam treading my sweater

After making Sam move, I began to rip it out…. Look at what a mess.

A big yarn mess

And now, my stitches are back on the needle (happily), and I am back to where I started.

While I am not happy I had to rip back, I am very happy that I have gotten to a point where I’m ok to rip things back. Before, I would have fudged, lived with wrong stitches, and just sucked it up. Now, I’m at a place where once I put time into it, I want it to satisfy me. And I can rip back successfully to do that. I think that’s progress.

Also, while I had it off the needles, I tried it on, and I believe it is going to look nice. That made taking it off my needles worth it.

Well, I need to go take a break from knitting and my computer. My parents are coming tomorrow, so I need to do some serious cleaning that I’ve been neglecting.