My hair dryer spit fire at me just now. Big blue sparkling flames with a red glow at the end. I think that means I need a new one.

We had wind gusts up to 60 mph where I live last night. I was sitting, happily knitting, when the tornado sirens went off. I turned the news on to see there was a storm three counties away heading at a quick pace our way…. So, I got up to get a quick shower, and as soon as I stepped out, the power went out. I ended up going to bed since it was pitch black (and cold), and the wind was making such bad noise I had to fall asleep with my ipod in my ears. This morning, I got to see that the only thing that saved my car from being crushed by a huge ice box was the railing on my back porch. The ice box was barely caught on it, and could have smashed my car in at any minute.

So, this is a good time to tell you what blogs make my day (especially during weeks like this!):

My Boring Life has given me this really sweet honor!! (And her blog is delightful and her life is not boring! She really does make my day!)


I am supposed to pick 10 people to give this honor to…. and they are in no particular order…

1. CTJen

2. Knitterella

3. Kathryn Ivy

4. Mostly Self Taught Knitter

5. Wendy (and Lucy)

6.  MLE Knits

7.  Knitting Like Crazy 

8.  Stash, Knit, Repeat 

9.  Knitter Boy

10. Susan B. Anderson 

There are many other beautiful blogs I read, as well. And truthfully, they all make my day.