I purchased Piecework magazine today.  The Jan/Feb 2008 issue is devoted entirely to knitting.  It has amazing articles, and most articles will have a pattern of a reproduction piece for the item being discussed.  The article on Knitted Rovaniemi Mittens has a pattern for Fingerless Rovaniemi Mittens at the end that are absolutely a must-have.  So cute.  In fact, there isn’t a pattern in this magazine that I wouldn’t want to make – they are all beautiful.  I am so thrilled to have discovered this magazine.

On my own knitting front, it is slow.  I have been feeling very tired recently, unusually tired.  I have a thyroid disorder, and even on medication, I have moments where I have no energy.  I came home last night, went to bed at 7:30 pm and slept through until 9 am this morning.  So, forgive me for the blogging boredom.