I have been BORING these last few days! I didn’t do anything this weekend. Seriously, I left my house ONCE in a two day period. Sometimes, with nursing, I get very tired of people in general, and feel like I want to be alone. I think I get tired of doing the happy smiley thing 24/7. I’d like to sometimes just be – not mad, sad, happy, or anything… just be.

(On a happy side note about nursing, I’ve had three patient compliments in the last month that have been sent to my supervisors. The last one commented that I was “awesome”. One very sweet person said I was “the best nurse” he’s “ever seen”. It makes me feel good to know that I’m connecting to people in that way.)

Anyhow…. I had started on Foliage, and promptly ripped it out. My attention span made me cause so many errors that I decided to rip it. Then I worked and worked on my last Tangled Yoke sleeve. (I was re-watching season 5 of Buffy this weekend.)

I also learned how to do an Italian tubular cast on, so I could work on those endpaper mitts soon. I practiced on some scrap yarn. This video to teach you this cast on rocks, and made it seem really simple. Thank goodness for the internet.

And how do you make those mosaics of your knitting for the year? I want to make one, but haven’t a clue how.