It has been a long week. Not a bad one, but long, and I’m tired!!!

My kitty, Sam, loves to sleep on the radiator when I take a shower. He gets extra nice and toasty, plus he gets the bonus of being in the same room with me.
After getting out of the shower tonight, I said, “Sam, you think it’s time to get into bed?” He said “Meow” and jumped down and ran to the door. Even Sam is tired.

Beautiful Sam

I must say I love my knitting group. They were all supposed to bring finished hats tonight, and I was all ready to take pictures for you… but none of them finished. I think Christmas and gift knitting became priority! We had our meeting today and it was so much fun.

One of them is making the Baby Surprise Jacket, and I must say — it’s very hard for me to understand. I must confess to all knitters, I have never read an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern until tonight. *hanging head in shame* And I’m wondering – are they all that difficult to understand??