Well, getting my attention off Tangled Yoke was a good thing. I’ve worked on my Pomatomus sock, and I feel like I am close to returning my attention to my last sleeve for the cardi.


I taught a knitting class!! I taught a little about short-rows, and my knitting group (those who wanted to) printed out the Short Row hat pattern and brought it with them. We started that, and I went around and sort of helped out those who needed it. I think provisional cast-on was new to many of them, and that was fun to teach. Next month, they are supposed to bring back their finished hats to show off, or bring their hat for help if needed. I hope to take some pictures and post them!

A bit more of a sad note.. I have found out my friend has Lymphoma. I am wondering what I could make her – and I am considering the Hemlock Ring Blanket that could be used sort of as a security blanket when she is feeling her worst. I am just worried I won’t be able to make that quickly….. Does anyone have suggestions of other patterns I might use?

December has never been a good month to me. It was a year ago this month that my baby, Amos, passed on. It hurts even now. Also, last year, I lost my cousin on Christmas Eve to a massive heart attack. I had opened her present and was calling  to thank her as she was being rushed to an ER.

I wasn’t planning to end this blog post on such a depressing note.  I just have trouble being happy in December.  I thought that might change this year, but it hasn’t…

Oh, wait, maybe I can end with a good note.  My beautiful cousin will be induced on Dec. 26th if baby doesn’t come before then!  We can’t wait to welcome baby girl in the world!