To be quite honest, I’m tired of it.  I finished a sleeve, or so I thought, but realized it’s too short.  I need to add about an inch.  Which isn’t a big problem, but I just can’t bring myself to pick it up and do it!  If I could just finish the darn sleeves already, I could move on to the yoke, and the cable, and the challenge.  I’ve found that I’m the type of knitter who just doesn’t like it if there isn’t some little challenge involved.

Maybe I can pick my socks back up for a day or two, and then I can face Tangled Yoke again.

I also bought yarn for some Endpaper Mitts for myself, and maybe I’ll start those.  A very pretty red and black yarn.

Also – a little announcement to my Blogger friends – I am still reading your blogs.  I just can’t figure out how to leave you a message now so that you know it’s me — Blogger changed the way you leave comments?  Does anyone know?