I haven’t got much of anything to post as far as knitting goes. I’ve been sick this week. (I felt too bad to knit or to watch Pushing Daisies if that tells you anything.)

So, some cute kitty pictures. Molly always looks grumpy – here she looks at least slightly intrigued. That’s the most emotion I’ve seen from her in a while! The second kitty is Loverbunny. It’s a miracle to get his picture. He is scared of his own shadow. I wanted to take pictures of Sam too, but he thought otherwise.


And, last but not least… my new shower pictures. It was freaking expensive, but at least I have a shower. However, I have to buy a new riser because the person installing it didn’t measure correctly and cut a riser too short. Due to it’s instability until the new riser comes, I can’t even use it. (Yes, this caused me to almost lose my head yesterday. I was very upset.) Ignore the dirtiness look from around the new faucet – it’s from the old faucet and it scrubs out. I just need to buy a toothbrush to get in the little nooks around it. I bought this conversion kit for the claw foot tub from Clawfoot Supply. They are very fast with shipping, and while expensive, you get what you pay for — it’s good quality. (And please ignore the ugly wallpaper. I haven’t redone that bathroom for good reason! There isn’t any electricity that goes to it, and it just recently got in working order. It used to flood the floor below it, but it doesn’t anymore!! And for light, I use a battery powered light.)