I am in the knitting dumps.  I took socks with me on vacation.  I had half a sock knitted in the Drunken Bees pattern by domesticat, and ripped it out because it didn’t suit the yarn. (Beautiful pattern, though, but needs a solid colorway.)  Then, I knitted different patterns with my yarn with several false starts.  Finally, I settled on Pomatomus.  I am not even halfway down the leg.  My husband just kept trying to figure out why I kept ripping out these socks – and honestly I don’t know why either.  None of them suited me.  I could have had a pair of socks knitted by this time if I would quit frogging what I started.

I am also in the knitting dumps because I’m so tired this week – all I do is sleep when I get home.  I also need to pass a certification in Advanced Pediatric Life Support on November 27th, so I’ll be studying, studying, studying from now til then, which cuts into my knitting.

No time or energy for knitting – just puts me in the knitting dumps.

On another note, my cats have been driving me nuts since we got home.  Sam, the one we bottle-fed and is now 6 years old, is our huge baby, and he now stands beside me and cries until I hold him.  I think I traumatized him by leaving so long – even though we had two people coming to the house to check on them twice a day!!

I will be getting some vacation pictures up on Flickr soon hopefully.  And I promise some kitty and knitting pictures soon because I know a pictureless blog is a boring blog!