I’ve had a headache for 6 days now. It’s been just enough for me to know my head hurts and to feel down, except Friday. I woke up with it as a full blown migraine. You know, fetal position kind. So, I took my prescription medicine and it started to kick in, so I went to work. The headlights of other cars made me sick sick sick. I did make it to work, and after a nice cry and curling up in a recovery room where no one could see me with the lights off for about 15 minutes, I was able to get up and do some work. Since I can team up with people in pre-op to get people ready, I had assistance and didn’t have to completely rely on my own thinking ability. Finally, the headache went away, and I was all happy thinking my prescription meds did the trick. And they did, but it came back last night, and it’s still there as a fuzzy irritating headache. If it becomes a full blown migraine again, I’m screwed cause I have no meds left. I want my head back!

I have had migraines since I was 5 years old. I’ve had so many MRIs and CTs, I probably glow in the dark. A few years ago, they started becoming so bad that my face goes numb and sometimes I look like I’ve had a stroke. My face droops. No one can tell me why – nothing shows up on the scans. I tried Topamax, but it makes my arms go numb up to my shoulders. I was on Inderal LA for a long time, and it seemed to help, but I went off it because I can’t be on it if I decide to get pregnant so I wanted to see if I could control my migraines myself. I do know one of my biggest triggers: second-hand smoke. So, restaurants becoming smoke free recently has been a huge blessing to me, and no one in my family smokes. Now, if I could figure out the other triggers…..

The last time I had one of the biggie migraines that make my face droop, I went to my new dr (mine moved to Texas) to get some more meds and he kind of freaked. My smile was all droopy, even though my migraine was gone, and he wanted to do another MRI. I refused it – no need to do another one…. they are always fine. And this isn’t something new.

Enough about the gloom and doom of migraines…

I went to the knitting group I was invited to on Thursday night. And yes, I was the youngest person in this group by far. But, I had a blast! These women are amazing. One lady there was crocheting things with this thread that was thinner than my dental floss – little pumpkins and poinsettias. She was just making up the patterns as she went along. Unbelievable! They were gorgeous! I think she is making the poinsettias into a pin and the pumpkins into earrings. There was a lady there who spins and dyes her own yarn. There were several ladies making some very beautiful felted bags. A woman knitting this most beautiful alpaca poncho/shrug kind of thing for her daughter. The talent of these women….. They made me feel so good, too, because they oohed and aahed over my stuff – and want me to teach a class at one of their meetings on short rows. I could not believe these talented women were asking ME to teach them anything! I definitely will be going back.

Well, I’m on call this weekend, so I think I’ll go knit while I sit by the phone.  I ordered a ball winder and swift this morning, so I’ll daydream about that!