Ever had a day that is just so odd, but amusing? That’s how my whole day was. People were talking to me that usually don’t talk to me at work, and were saying some of the funniest stuff to me. And I did pre-admission phone calls all day, and the last call I made was to a man who somehow knew my grandfather who lives 3 hours away!! Yeah, they’ve traded cows or something – it was so odd.

But – here was my highlight. I came home and husband told me I had a message on the phone that I just had to listen to. It’s a lady saying “I hope you are the young lady I saw in Shakertown back in the spring. I was the one knitting the bags. Anyway, if you are that young lady, I’d love to have you over to our knitting group as my guest.”

So, I remember her! She knitted the most fabulous bags. I called her back. She told me that she had NO IDEA my name, but she was describing me and my house (we had talked about my house restoration when I met her) to some ladies from the Christian Church. One of the ladies realized who I was, and told her my name and my husband’s name. It ends up this lady was a best friend to my husband’s mom when she was alive. So, she called me up and hoped I’d join her at the knitting group.

So, next Thursday I am going to a knitting group with her. Isn’t that just such a strange chance of meeting? Wonderful, but strange!

OH – and have you seen the new Holiday Gifts preview from Interweave?  Looks fantastic!