… for a little rant.

Please support your local libraries.  Taxes to build these libraries, enhance, and add to these libraries are good.  Sure, no one likes to dish out extra money, but everyone in this world has a right to education.  I am blessed, as I can go to the local bookstore or log on to Amazon and buy any book I want.  Not everyone can.

Growing up, we were poor, barely making ends meet.  The books I read all came from the bookmobile.  We could not afford books, or even to drive to the library every time we wanted a book because we lived 30 minutes away from the nearest one.  But, the bookmobile came to my house once a week.  I’d give her my list of things I wanted to read, and she’d try her best to get me those books.  I’d check out 10 books at a time from the bookmobile!  I credit that bookmobile for most of my childhood education.

So before you complain about taxes supporting the local library.  Just remember, that little drop in the bucket is going to go towards educating the youth that will be building the world around you when you are growing older.  That library is enhancing the knowledge of your whole community.  It’s giving everyone equal opportunity to learn.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?  A world where everyone has access to knowledge and inspiration…. access to something as wonderful as a book.