This is my first official holiday off.  When I worked the floor (and night shift), I worked pretty much every holiday.  So, I’m really soaking this weekend in.

I’m still on a Ditty Bop high.  Been singing and dancing all weekend.

I am still working on my Wicked sweater.  It’s just miles and miles of stockinette from here, so I’m not really motivated.  I needed something more inspiring….  Started a sock, and did the cuff, and was also uninspired.  So, I started the Short-Row hat by Veronik Avery.  It’s amazing.  It’s this cute hat knit FLAT.. constructed into diamond patterns with short row shaping.   I am doing mine with the beautiful Karaoke yarn my SP sent me.

We also now have firm dates for our trip to Fort Recovery in Tortola, BVI.  I am so excited….  and our flight is like 10 hours including layovers… so lots of knitting time.  Come on, November.