I haven’t done any actual artwork for a year at least. I have thought about picking up my pastels again. I only worked in pastels for about a year, then nursing took over my life. I don’t regret nursing, but I do regret that it limits the time I have to do anything else.

This is the first pastel I ever did.



This is my favorite that I did…. it’s my cat Loverbunny, and it makes me chuckle every time I view it. I wanted it to be a light hearted and whimsical painting.

Actually, this picture isn’t of the finished product, but it’s all I have. I had not done touch ups or added whiskers yet.




I’ve been thinking about getting back into the pastels, but I have no idea when I’d find time. I can’t find time to knit, when am I going to add in pastels?


This weekend was a musical treat… I saw Nickel Creek with Glen Phillips.


Knitting updates: To the toes on a Monkey, and I took a deep breath and ripped out the Pea Pod Baby Collar.