I am now on the foot of a Monkey sock, and I put it on, and my heel flap seems too large. It’s not so large I can’t wear it, but it’s definitely not as snug as I like. Anyone else who knitted Monkeys have this trouble? I’m trying to decide if I have unusually weird ankles or something.

I still haven’t ripped the collar out of the Peapod Baby sweater. Partly because when I’m working, I don’t have time to knit. I barely have enough sleeping time. But, part of it is just the dread of trying to fix it.

I’m also having trouble sticking to one project. I have 4 different things that I’m working on.. or need finishing. I just can’t focus. My new thing I am daydreaming about is a tank. I have been thinking about several different knitted tanks… I can’t let myself start another project – or the others may never get finished!!

Oh, and the Brea bag isn’t even sewn together yet, but I’m already fantasizing about Damask.. a new bag from Berroco.