In the nearby town, there are 3 different yarn stores. I like(d) them all, and visit them all. They all carry different items, so there is room for all three. I went there on Saturday, and I went to two leaving all smiles.

However, the last one on my trip was much different. I have visited there before, and they have never been overly nice to me, but never mean either. It is called the Stitch Niche. Now, I hate talking age groups in knitting, but the other two yarn stores do seem for a younger crowd, while the Stitch Niche seems to only have older women working and shopping there. Of course, it doesn’t phase me as I’ve made friends with all ages through knitting. I guess I always thought the ladies at the Stitch Niche didn’t seem overly nice because I am so young. Hell, I look 13. I always gave them the benefit of the doubt, and thought perhaps they didn’t know how to make conversation with me. At the other shops, we talk about blogs, internet patterns, but when I’ve mentioned that to these ladies they look at me as if I have a third head.

My experience Saturday:

I am browsing through the store, my purchase yarn in hand, and a lady was getting assistance from one of the employees. She wanted something different than what the employee kept handing her. When she did find a yarn the lady liked, they only had 6 balls of it. She finally, very politely asked if there was any other yarn stores in town. The employee then proceeded to speak to this lady in a tone I’ve never heard – like a queen talking down to a peasant. She literally stuck her nose in the air and said “We are the ONLY yarn store in town, unless you plan on going to Michaels, which would be a very disappointing visit!” When she hit the word “only”, her voice actually went up an octave. She walks off, and I approached the lady and quietly said, “Actually, there are 2 other yarn stores.” Another customer joined in, “Yes, and very nice ones!” and the other customer begins to give her directions.

It really enraged me at first, but then I thought… I should give the employee the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she doesn’t realize there are two other yarn stores. I’m not sure how she wouldn’t know that, but maybe she doesn’t.  (I’ve actually heard one of the other stores, mention her store to customers before.)

So, I have my purchases, and I make my way to the counter. The two workers are chatting with apparent regulars, who are also older (as in over 60). I don’t mind, I can enjoy the eye candy of yarn around the counter. Finally, one says “Maam give me your stuff”. I hand it to her, smiling, but I don’t get a smile back. She starts to add up my purchase, and I say “Could you wind those for me too?” (At this store, it costs 50 cents a skein to be wound, where as at other stores it is free, but I know this and I’m ok with paying a fee for the winding.) She looks at me with a harsh glare and says “Well, it will be a few minutes!!!” I say “That’s ok, then, nevermind.” She then starts ranting about how she could do it, but it takes a while for her to wind it so I would be held up. I kind of startled, and said “Oh, I thought you meant I was in line behind other customers, but I know how long it takes to wind a ball of yarn, I’m ok waiting.”

So, she has me swipe my credit card. Then, after my card is swiped, she turns to the other store employee, with my balls of yarn in her hand. She says “I am SO tired of winding YARN for people all day!” She then went to her ball winder and ignored me while chatting with the ladies at the counter.

It made me so angry. When I was telling my mom this story, she said “Why didn’t you tell her to just keep the yarn?” and I squeaked “Because I already swiped my credit card!”

The more I thought about the way they acted through my whole shopping experience, the angrier I got. They had put a cast of anger and unhappiness over my day out, especially since they were my last stop. So, I am officially boycotting “The Stitch Niche”. I can go to the other shops, and get treated like I’m a friend, and if the other shops don’t have what I need, I can get it from an online store that is great like The Loopy Ewe.