I picked up the stitches for the collar.  I managed to pucker it in the back.  A lot.  I am going to rip out the collar, it has to be done.  But I couldn’t handle doing it last night, so I took a deep breath and set it aside.  I will probably rip out the collar tonight.

We are going shopping today and out to have some fun, and I am so looking forward to it.  My husband cracks me up because he said “I guess we have to stop at every yarn shop in town too?” but I think he secretly likes my knitting.  When I told him I couldn’t get a good picture of my Monkey sock yesterday, he took great pains to get one for me.  Then, he started browsing my favorites on Ravelry.  He seemed to really like this Clapotis.


“I mock you with my monkey pants!”