I have no pictures to share.  I tried to take some, and it was a shameful attempt.  And, I find that I am very boring lately with not much to take pictures of.

Knitting progress:  I am currently attempting to pick up stitches on the Pea Pod Baby sweater collar.  Started working on a Monkey sock, and have been extremely disappointed.  My mother wants socks – “with brown yarn that has lighter flecks in it”.  So, under some delusional shopping moment, I picked up Lorna’s Laces Safari colorway with the illusion that she would like it.  Ha!  No way she would like it.  It is a very dark brown with some light brown in it, but it stripes up like a tiger.  I don’t mind the yarn, but I think it hides the beauty of the Monkey pattern.  I am going to finish them and keep them for myself, and consider it a good practice of the Monkey pattern (which I love, love, love)….  because I plan on making Monkey with my new Socks that Rock yarn.  I have never bought Socks that Rock before, so I am excited to see how it knits up.  I bought the “Pink Granite” colorway!