So, Molly and Loverbunny were outside cats until we moved. We live on a main road, so it was too dangerous to keep them outside. When moved in, however, they still had the outdoor mentality of “must eat food before someone else does”. So, they have no idea of when to quit eating. In the last few months, they have gotten a little chunky. I noticed they also weren’t cleaning themselves as well as they should be, and so…. they are now on a diet, and they got their hair shaved. They aren’t too happy about their diet, but I do think they like being shaved… Molly especially. She has been prancing around and showing off since….




I know she doesn’t look happy in the picture, but she always looks grumpy… really, she is acting very cute with her new look.

Still working slowly on the pea pod baby sweater. I’m on the sleeves. I’ve been working the last three nights, so that has really slowed me down on it. Maybe I’ll make progress this weekend! I also haven’t forgotten my Brea bag, but I’m having trouble ordering a handle… I also plan on finishing up the sewing on my little Crafty Alien raccoon this weekend.

I also finally got an invite to Ravelry. It is well worth it’s wait!!!!!!! You can find me here.

Well, I’m off to go scrape a little wallpaper in the library. We’ve had in four electricians, two heating and air people, a plaster person (what title do they have?), a plumber, and a roofer. So, once we choose who we want to hire, and get the finances straight, we’ll be ready to work.