Well, I have no knitting updates, and really nothing too exciting to say, but I don’t want my blog to sit unattended for days.  I work this weekend, so I thought I’d add a post now.

First of all… how do you get rid of bats?  I *thought* we had bats in our attic because the last two times I was up there, I thought I heard one.  Everyone, including my husband, tried to appease me.  It was mice, birds, my imagination….  Even one of my patients, who knew my family, assured me that it was probably just squirrels.

But, last night, we took some friends up there, and a bat nose dived at us.   I took off running with the female friend right behind me.  The guys tried to act macho and stay up there, but I could tell they were shaken up a little.

Now, on to the 7 things meme.   No one tagged me, but I’m doing it anyway.

1.  I have two degrees, BA in Art and my BSN (nursing).  I also finished up all Pre-Pharmacy courses.

2.  My family jokingly calls me the cat whisperer.  Give me enough time, and I can make friends with any cat.  Also, it seems cats randomly find me.  I’ve saved several cats in the last few years.  The latest was Poe, who now lives with a friend’s daughter, who I found bleeding from the mouth and nose in the middle of a road.  (She is a happy, healthy kitty now.)

3.  I grew up in Eastern KY.   My family didn’t have city water until I was almost a teenager.  When I was a baby, it snowed in our house.   I have pictures.  I didn’t realize we would have been considered poor until I was an adult.

4.  I have been to China.  I can speak a little Mandarin, but not well.

5.  I have a thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism.  It makes me unusually tired at times.

6.  We bought our home to restore in November of 2006.  It’s our dream home.

7.  My dad has 11 brothers and sisters.  I have 22 living cousins from that side.