I finally had time to knit a little today. I am working away on the Brea gusset still. Will order my handle and button today, too. By the time it gets here, I should be ready to sew it all together.

I’ve been daydreaming about future projects. I really shouldn’t be because I have too many unfinished ones….

After the plumbing is fixed, we will be redoing the upstairs bathroom. There is this wooden window shutter that has four open panels. Right now, some really nasty stained fabric is in the openings, but I am thinking of knitting some lace panels to replace them with. You can see it in the photo below…. any ideas of what pattern I could use? Or what yarn? I am going to put some new white bead board up, wallpaper, tear that stuff out from around the tub, and put up a Victorian tub shower attachment.


Also, I am still trying to figure out what to do with the yarn I bought at Shakertown. It actually makes me nuts to have stuff in my stash that doesn’t have a purpose….. an assigned “to do”. I have 630 yards of 100% wool Red Clover… here is a picture… any ideas?

Back to work tonight.

Oh, and someone emailed me asking why I didn’t blog about nursing anymore. Well, I started out blogging about nursing school, but that’s over. I don’t like to mention even vague references about anything or anyone because of the privacy laws. You just never know. I also do so much nursing these days, I don’t like thinking too much about it at home. I practically live at the hospital it seems, so I enjoy the other parts of my life while at home. Hope that explains it.