Brea is downstairs blocking! Every time I look at this bag, I get excited.

I cast on again for the Marshmallow Bonnet. I am using a different yarn, and this time I will be more cautious on the mattress stitch. I have a plain sock cast on as well.

As for our house, we tore down the wood paneling in the library. I’ll get some pictures maybe this weekend. It looks bigger now. They glued it straight down to layers of wallpaper, but actually that is better than gluing it to the plaster. We took two large truckloads of trash to the recycle place today.

We also are getting estimates on fixing the upstairs bathroom plumbing today, and estimates on rewiring the whole house on Thursday.

Sorry, no pictures today. I feel like I just got off my four days of work, and I’m already going back tonight!