“You take a wrong step and you end up wearing yesterday’s underwear, sitting on the carpet trying to teach yourself how to knit.”

That’s a line from The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I am currently in the middle of this excellent book. If you can’t knit, it’s still a great read. If you can knit, you’ll love the knitting and the yarn shop settings.

That is pretty much how I started knitting. I was wallowing in my depression, and then suddenly, I was sitting there trying to learn how to knit. I graduated nursing school, and as happy as I was to be out, I couldn’t remember who I was when I wasn’t a nursing student. I had just lost my darling cat during finals – a grief that still finds me in the middle of the night and leaves me crying into my pillow. I was lost, lost, lost, and then knitting found me again.

I am not an excellent knitter. Probably not even a good one, in fact. I am slow. I haven’t one finished object to show for the year of 2007, and we are well into March. It doesn’t really seem to matter. I am still a knitter, finished object or not.