Well, I wanted to wait until I had pictures to post, but that may never happen. My camera is in my husband’s car and he keeps forgetting to bring it back in.

Well, I got to the part on my Wicked sweater where I could separate out the sleeves and try it on. It was a little too tight for my taste under the arms. So, after much debate, I decided to rip back and put the sleeves back on and do a few more rows so the armpits weren’t so high….

It was a hard decision because I can not frog things to a certain point very well. I’ve watched all the Knitting Help videos and read lots of things, but I just can’t do it well. So, I used a waste thread to pick up my stitches first after I frogged because I always drop tons of stitches otherwise. Now, I am inserting my needle back in…. and I had to quit last night because it was making me crazy.

In other random things to discuss…

Heroes!! When you think it can’t get any better, it does!! Claire going into hiding with the Haitian makes me nervous because… well he gives me the creeps. And who was the higher authority telling him not to erase her memory?! And Hiro’s daddy! Who knew?

Also, I watched Little Miss Sunshine… it was my favorite favorite movie I’ve seen in ages. It was so funny and touching. I highly recommend this movie.

We rented Stranger than Fiction last night, and it was odd. It had funny moments, but for the most part it wasn’t my favorite of movies….

What else have we rented? (We don’t have cable anymore, so we rent a lot of movies.) The Prestige. My husband thought it was brilliant, and I hated it. The Illusionist, which we both liked. The Devil Wears Prada.. uhm, save your time and money. Well, unless you get a kick out of fashion. Maybe you would like it. Just not my taste.

Well, maybe one day my blog will have pictures again and be more interesting. Until then, keep knitting and send me frogging well-wishes that I don’t destroy all my work.