I started my first sweater. It’s the Wicked pattern from the Zephyr Style girls. I am using Cascade 220 Heathers and Addi Turbo #7 circulars. I frogged it once because well….

I accidentally overdosed myself on Aleve Cold and Sinus the other night. Yes, I’m a nurse, so I should know better. However, in my defense — I woke up and couldn’t breath, quit sneezing, and my eyes were all itchy. I stumbled downstairs and grabbed them thinking it was what we always buy (Advil Cold and Sinus). I realized they were white instead of orange but I didn’t give it much thought as I continued to sneeze. So, five minutes later, my husband realized I had taken two extended release tablets. Oops. So, I was very jittery and nervous after they set in.

Never let friends knit while drinking, or while hopped up on too much cold medicine. Because they ruin projects, and must frog.

Now, I finally am back on track….