It’s been snowing a little bit every day… Here is the house with some snow on it.

I wish the inside were as pretty as the outside. But, alas, the 70s struck…. and never left. Lots of wood paneling, etc. We will rip it down in the spring, when we are able to more readily get to the recycle place.

Here is the kitchen before……

Here is the kitchen… as it is now. And it’s improved from what it was!!! Nice orange glaze on the cabinets…. The stand the microwave is on was something I found in the basement and repainted. I tore down the wallpaper which was like a scary yellow floral thing, and painted this olive green color. Believe it or not, there is a door in the wall behind that microwave. Yes, a door. I kept ripping down wood paneling that was on the bottom, and revealed the bottom of a door. They didn’t even bother to remove it when they built on…. Weirdest thing of all, it’s encased in sheet metal, so hard to remove. So my brother in law just drywalled it up for me for now….. if I tore it out, you would have been able to see in the only working bathroom!!!! Also, the pretty door frame was encased in sheet metal as well…. that is torn down and my husband is working on stripping the frame.
The doorway leads to the butler pantry.

This is our bathroom… I wish I had uploaded the before pictures, maybe I can do that later. But, imagine it brown and the claw foot tub encased in wood. We tore the wood out from around it, and painted some. And no, we don’t have a shower. Trust me, I’ve complained about it A LOT.

I’m getting very excited for spring. As soon as the box gutters get repaired, we can really start doing things.

I am finally over the bronchitis. I had to go back to the doctor because I got worse, and I had strep throat and bronchitis at the SAME TIME! And, I had to be on some really strong antibiotics that made me sick sick sick to my stomach. I am still not 100% well, but able to do things now.

Speaking of being able to do things, I finally got back to knitting today! I worked on my Hedera socks. The first one has a few mistakes, but I’m not ripping them out. They are for me, and not that obvious unless you are really looking. Plus, it’s my second sock, and I really wanted to focus on the construction of the sock. However, I do love love love this pattern, and believe that my mom may be getting a very nice pair for her birthday. (I will lovingly rip out any mistakes in socks for her.)