I have bronchitis.

It all started Saturday – I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I figured it was my allergies (I’m allergic to the whole wide world), and medicated myself well. Sunday, it was worse. I started taking Advil. Monday, it was really really sore and raw. It was my only symptom! I looked in my own throat, and it looked a little red but no white spots or signs of anything too serious….

I had to work on Monday night. I thought about calling in, but we are only allowed 5 unplanned absences in one year. Uhm, it’s only Jan. and it was only a sore throat. So, I medicated with Advil and went on to work. Yes, I washed my hands every freaking minute and I wore masks around patients who are immunocompromised. Well, as Monday night wore on, I felt worse and worse. I started to get this dry cough…..

By the time I left Tuesday morning, I felt really bad and thought perhaps I should go to the doctor before it continued to get worse. Also, my chest was not hurting but feeling very heavy. It was hard to breathe when I went into the cold air.

Glad I did. He said I had acute pharyngitis and the beginnings of bronchitis and he wanted to go ahead and treat me with antibiotics. Later that day, my cough began coming from my chest, hurting my chest, and just awful. I felt so bad I couldn’t even sleep.

I still feel like crap. I feel guilty that I went to work with this, but I didn’t know… it was in the process of blooming into full bronchitis. I kept assuming it was allergies. (I did have a cyst in my sinuses last year – I’m prone to allergy complications.)

Anyway, my husband just called to check on me. I said “I feel too bad to knit.” He replied “Oh shit, that’s sick.”