I have to give a backstory on Molly and Loverbunny. When we lived out in the country a few years ago, a big fat kitty showed up outside in my front yard. I went out to see her, and she was the friendliest kitty ever. Very pregnant, but very friendly. That evening, I say to my husband that we better go check to see if she’s still out there. Sure enough – she was having kittens on my front porch. She was letting us touch her as she was giving birth, which I thought was odd since we were strangers to her. I knew immediately I’d keep her.

Months later, a farm down the road wanted the kittens. I took them all to the house a mile away. The next morning, Loverbunny was sitting on my front step. He walked the mile back. So, he got to stay too.

When we moved to the city, we knew we needed to bring them inside. We are too close to a busy main road. They never seemed to like it inside before, and it was hard for them at first. Molly, a deaf (or very very hard of hearing) kitty, found it to be wonderful quickly. She always sleeps at the foot of my bed curled up on the down comforter. Loverbunny has still been having trouble, but last night was a milestone. He jumped up in the bed, curled up against my back between my shoulder blades and fell asleep with me. I think he’s getting used to this inside thing. 🙂

I know Loverbunny is a stupid name for a cat, but I like it.

On the knitting front, I am knitting my second project still. I was a little slowed down because I had to go out of town twice. I take my knitting with me, but had trouble finding time to do it. It’s getting there though, and I think my husband is starting to be impressed with it. This one is a bag, and it actually now has the shape of a bag so he can understand it more.

It’s in a hot pink Cascade 220 yarn. I love it.

I also discovered the knit.1 magazine from VogueKnitting and I love love love it. Only problem with it was that many of my favorite patterns were a little more advanced than I am. That’s ok, I will file it away in my knitting stash for when I’m ready for it!